BanxMint Bitcoin 3 Coin Set


Maker: Banx Mint
Material: Gold plated Alloy
Denomiation: 1, 5, 10 BTC
Weight: 22g,
Diameter: 38mm, 43mm, 50mm
Thickness: 4mm,
Year: 2015
Mintage: 300, 100, 100
Country: UK


This outstanding and long forgotten set resurface at last.
In 1, 5 and 10 BTC denominations they are great examples of early physical bitcoins.

With an easily recognisable Bitcoin B design over a circuit board style background inspired by the now famous MJB Monetary Metals originals design.

Originally sold as individual coins we have gathered them together and offer them to you as a complete set.
Keys are engraved onto the coins and covered by the hologram.