Bitcoin Penny DIY short roll


Maker: The Bitcoin Penny Co.
Material: 97% Pure Copper
Denomiation: BTC
Weight: 6g
Diameter: 23mm
Thickness: 2mm
Country: USA


Make your very own physical coins. Use them to give away small sums of BTC and get that conversation started!
The Bitcoin Penny Company, believe in the new bitcoin e-currency, and believe that Bitcoin Penny™ Commemorative Coins are the perfect way to celebrate this amazing technology!

While not a “Bitcoin” in the literal sense these great bitcoin themed pennies are an excellent way to get the conversation started about bitcoin and make great freebies, give-aways and gifts.

Bitcoin Penny™ Commemorative Coins are for entertainment purposes only. They have no cash value. However, their coolness value is very high. Minted in the USA

Each short roll comes with 1 hologram per coin.