BitPiece 0.25BTC 12/100


Coin Specs Number: 012
Material: Brass
Diameter: 29mm
Thickness: 2mm
Face value: 0.25BTC
Mintage: Brass w/o plating: 100 (numbered 001-100)
Year: 2016
Funded: Funded


The BitPiece is a new physical bitcoin that stores a quarter of one bitcoin in a safe and aesthetically appealing manner. The coin and hologram design was a joint effort between bigtimespaghetti and miffman. The crisp and clean design stands out among the many designs appearing in recent times.

We have managed to find, just for you, one of these exceptional coins. 12/100 is now available. Fully funded and safely in its capsule it can now be yours!!

The Private key will contain all forks inc. BTC, BCH/BCC & BTG and any others created since.

See the review by Chronos below.