Coinbell’s Connectable – Hardware Bitcoin Wallet Special Edition Tin Can


Special Limited Edition
Ledger Nano inside
Cool Bitcoin Goodies


The gift of choice for the bitcoiner! Special Edition – EXTREMELY Limited Quantity

The Coinbell’s Connectable is a hardware wallet packaged in a sealed tin can, primarely designed as a gift idea. It contains a Ledger Nano, a Ledger OTG and a few Bitcoin goodies.

Protect your bitcoins using Ledger Wallet, the cutting edge in secure Bitcoin hardware solutions.

The Coinbell’s Connectable is the perfect gift idea if you want to offer someone some bitcoins. The sealed tin can contains an already initialized Ledger Nano hardware wallet, with the public address printed on the can: once you receive the Coinbell’s, you can load it with bitcoins by sending it a transaction! As long as the tin can is sealed, there is no way to access its content and the bitcoins are safe.

Inside the tin you’ll find: a Ledger Nano, a Ledger OTG (to use the Nano on an Android phone), a security card, a set of instructions, the backup seed, the Nano’s PIN, a postcard (random), and some other small goodies (see pictures to get an idea). The Nano is already initialized to make it possible to load the tin can directly with bitcoins (QR code with address is available on the exterior). As we have no way to prove that we didn’t keep a copy of the seed (we didn’t), we do not recommend to load large amount of bitcoins on it, and it’s best to wipe the Nano and generate a new seed once the gift is consumed.

The technology used to secure your Bitcoin transactions is an industry standard EAL5+ smartcard.

All the Bitcoin cryptographic heavy lifting such as parsing and signing a transaction is done inside the secure element.

If you lose your wallet, you can restore a new one or use any other compatible wallet at any time.

Sensitive operations can be safely confirmed by a second factor even on a fully compromised computer.

The Ledger wallet software offers a simple and seamless user experience. Anyone can use it. Connects to any computer with USB. Go mobile with the Ledger OTG