Crypto Imperator Bitcoin Halving Commemorative Coins 2016


Maker: Crypto Imperator
Material: .999 Gold plated Fine Silver & .999 Fine Silver
Denomination: 0.125BTC
Weight (each coin) : .05 Troy Oz
Diameter: 30mm
Thickness: 2.25mm
Year: 2016
Mintage: 25/75

Coins on offer are : [Gold] 019 & [Silver] 063
Country: Spain




It’s not often we get really excited about a coin, we love ALL physical bitcoins! But this one is an in house fave. From concept through to design it says so much and is so clean and crisp. Love it!

A truly desirable bespoke design coin that has become a “must have” for many collectors.

The first 25 coins in the run (001-025) were gold plated. The reason? The new block reward is 1/4 of the original 50BTC reward, and 25 is 1/4 of 100. This very rare coin does not come up for sale often on the collectors markets but we have secured one for you!

Design: It shows the concept of the coin being split in half, like the bitcoin blocks reward is about to be halved

Quantity: 25 (Individually numbered) Coin on offer is : 019

Quantity: 75 (Individually numbered) Coin on offer is :  063

Denomination: 0.125 BTC, when multiplying by the quantity (0.125*100) results in 12.5 BTC, exactly the new block reward.

Coins are LOADED

The Private keys will contain BTC, BCH/BCC & BTG

Additional information


.999 Fine Silver


1/2 Troy Oz


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