Friends of Satoshi Bitcoin v2 Complete Set (Graded)


Diameter: 30mm
Material: Copper (Gold/Silver plated)
Thickness: 2mm


A Friends of Satoshi Collaboration featuring Crypto Imperator.
The V2 series consists of 250 coins in 4 varieties (Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Copper).
Each coin is made from .999 fine copper.

Rose Gold #008

Gold #028

Silver #038

Copper #088


  • Keys generated and assembled by Crypto Imperator.
  • No Denomination/Unfunded
  • Coins 1-100 are NUMBERED; Coins 101-250 are NOT numbered.
  • Rose Gold plating is limited to 10 coins. (Serial Number: 1-10)
  • Gold plating is limited to 25 coins. (Serial Number: 11-35)
  • Silver plating is limited to 50 coins.(Serial Number: 36-85)
  • Copper plating is limited to 165 coins. (only #86-100 are numbered)
  • Coin Tracker Available at:

Comes with a Special Limited Edition FoS Poker  chip too!