Kialara “HYDRA” 2018 Emerald and Diamond matching set


‘Kialara Hydra’ Editions/Denominations:
Ruby‘ Limited Edition of 21(serials 01-21)
Diamond‘ Limited Edition of 150(serials 01-150)
Emerald‘ Limited Edition of 150(serials 01-150)

All bars are denominated 100,000 bits.

All stones included are natural, earth-mined & sourced from reputable suppliers in Los Angeles and San Diego’s Diamond Districts.

Emeralds: Columbian, Natural, Round, Faceted, Sized 0.20ct. to 0.23ct. with a diameter between 3.85mm and 4.2mm. Good symmetry with medium color intensity. Stones have already been installed at random.

Diamonds: Natural, Round; excellent cut, Color: G, Size ranging from 0.25ct. SI1’s to 0.27ct. SI1/SI2’s.

Rubies: Natural, Round, Faceted, Color: Red, Color Intensity: Intense, Symmetry: Very good, Transparency: Transparent, Tone: Dark, Sized 0.32ct. to 0.33ct. with a diameter between 3.9mm and 4.1mm.

Included in each bar: One troy ounce of .999 fine silver, loose ruby, diamond or emerald embellishment, stainless steel enclosure with mirror-finish, two large & two small mineral glass crystals and steel retaining rings, public & concealed private bitcoin keys behind newly-sourced, tamper-evident holograms – ready at any time for the secondary market – as requested by many of you.

Screws are installed with loc-tite red and heads are drilled out for added security.
Bar measurements 3″ x 2″ x 0.3″ – similar in size to a slabbed coin.

Custom protective cases for these and past designs will become available in the springtime, as new molds with modifications were necessary after not being completely satisfied with the look or functionality of V1.

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Brand new from maker Kialara, comes their most recent offering: HYDRA 100K bits physical bitcoin bars.

This set features REAL emerald and diamond additions to the bars.

These are already sold out from the manufacturer and may be your only chance to get one!!!