Microsoul 0.01BTC Brass [Zombie] (Error Coin)


Maker: Microsoul
Series: 1
Material: Brass
Denomiation: 0.01BTC
Weight: 6.2g
Diameter: 28.5mm
Thickness: 1.1mm
Year: 2014
Mintage: 124
Grade: N/A
Country: UK


Microsoul 2014 0.01BTC Brass bitcoin

One of the rarer microsoul coins in existence because of an error discovered by Matthew early on in the minting process. The QR codes used for the private keys were not printing correctly due to an incorrect font. As soon as the issue was realised a recall was issued.

This is one of 12 that had been ordered, delivered and not returned.

It also contains the error on the (series 1) hologram with the spelling of microsoul reading “micrasoul”

Mintage: 2014 Series 1 : 124


Additional information

Weight 6.2 g


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