Microsoul 0.05BTC Silver with Gold B Series 1 (Error Coin)


Maker: Microsoul
Series: 1
Material: .999 Fine Silver
Denomiation: 0.05BTC
Weight: .05 Troy Oz
Diameter: 28.5mm
Thickness: 2.25mm
Year: 2014
Mintage: 140
Grade: N/A
Country: UK



The 0.05BTC Silver 2014 was the first of Microsouls Silver releases.

Made with 1/2 Troy Oz. .999  Fine Silver and a face value of 0.05BTC this coin has an interesting life cycle with many of the early minted coins being returned to the manufacturer repeatedly until finally a large proportion of the coins were seized at customs causing the maker considerable loss. With only 140 out of a projected 1000 ever being made and distributed, they are quite collectable.

They also contain the error on the (series 1) hologram with the spelling of microsoul reading “micrasoul”

This coin no. :365 of 1000

This coin is UNFUNDED

There was an error with the private key not matching the public and when redeemed, it was not possible to recover the funds at the stated address.  These lovely coins become unfortunate examples of what can go wrong during the manufacturing process and highlight that Bitcoin coin makers have to be incredibly diligent at all steps of a coins creation.

Additional information


Fine Silver


1/2 Troy Oz


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