Papersafe Stock Certificates


Papersafe Bitcoin Certificate

Limited Edition



These beautiful Certificates stand out as works of art as much as they do cold storage wallets for your precious bitcoins.
With a plethora of high security features these superb wallets are a must have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

PaperSafe certificates are printed on a Level 2 Secure Rub anti copy security paper. Micro printing on the paper will expose the words “VOID COPY” “Unauthorized Copy” when a PaperSafe document is scanned or photocopied further protecting it from counterfieting

The words “Level Two Secure Rub” is another security feature that will disappear when the heat of your finger is rubbed over it….This is how you would check to be sure a document is a true PaperSafe document

Ultra Violet Light
Papersafe documents are printed on non UV luminescent paper. When viewed under a UV light , the Paper will not glow bright like regular copy paper.

Another feature in every PaperSafe document is the use of UV micro threads and UV inks.. The Paper is produced with multicolored micro threads imbedded into the paper . These Micro thread are invisible in normal light and can only be see under UV or Black light..

Also with the use of Invisible ink printing . The back of a PaperSafe document will bear UV water mark Authentication…. To discover these security features , just hold a PaperSafe document under a Blacklight

Near Field Communication Tags [NFC]
All PaperSafe documents will have a near field communication tag. This tag will be able to verify that this is an authentic Papersafe document through the use of a cryptographically signed message. This Signed message uses the NFC tags unique ID , making the tag virtually impossible to clone and to counterfeit a Papersafe product..

The use of the NFC tag is not just for Authentication… The tag will remain unlocked and can be reprogrammed for used for many other things. The tag is a NTAG216 by NXP and has the ability to store 888 bytes of data. Most current Smartphones have the ability to read and write to NFC tags. This data can be URLs, SMS messages, GPS locations of your buried treasure, Public and Private keys in plain text or encrypted, or programmed through GreenAddress android app for quick log in..

The default programming of the NFC tag will be a URL to PaperSafe homepage…This Tags landing page can be changed by PaperSafe to include future special offers, raffles, or information about new products..

More information on Blackseal NFC authentication from Trustpoint can be found here

Secure Anti Tamper Hologram
The PaperSafe Stock Certificates use a translucent security hologram to protect the password of the Encrypted Private Key. This Hologram is a single use design and will self destruct leaving evidence of hologram removal and will verify that the PaperSafe Private key password may have been tampered with…

The hologram is also over printed with a unique seal.. making it impossible to replace the hologram completely. These features will ensure the PaperSafe Documents Private Key Password will remain secure or provide evidence of tampering.

Embossed Seal
Each PaperSafe document carrys a PaperSafe raised seal. No PaperSafe document is valid without this “notary style” embossing seal. Look for this seal to verify your authentic PaperSafe document.

High Resolution Graphics
A PaperSafe document is printed with the utmost resolution, Unique shading and 3D effects making each PaperSafe Stock Certificate a work of art , Hundreds of hours have gone into the Certificate design and many unseen micro printed elements exist throughout.